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Monday, July 09, 2007

Air conditioning good-

Being too small to cool the room- bad. That's right, the good news is that I bought a second-hand window air conditioner from a local GI last week, before leaving town. Yesterday afternoon, after removing my tired box fan and installing my new AC unit in its place and fitting a new piece of sheathing material to fill in the window hole, I finally determined that the unit is much too small to make anything but a dent in my shop's temperature.

Its too small. By at least half, the unit I bought is too small. Grumble! Now I have to resell this one and locate a bigger machine that still fits in my budget, (I'm off to Oregon with the BSU on vacation later this month, remember?) What a hot pain in my butt this is!

I still think a window mount swamp cooler would work just swell to cool the shop but sadly, even used these things cost more money that a refrigerant powered air conditioning  machine.

I need more cold air dammitall! How can I practice my guitar if its 90+ degrees in my practice area?                                                                                                       

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